About Kendra

Kendra is my name.  KeShaJo is my artist tag, a combination of my first, middle, and last names.  Clever, right?! LOL!  I’m a photographer, seamstress, interior designer, graphic designer, the list goes on…before cake, there was always something creative.

Yes, I was on Next Great Baker.  Yes, I was the first to leave.  No, I’m not devastated as a result of that.  I’m an optimist.  I’ve been through tougher scenarios in my 32 years!

As we all know, there was a life before and life will go on afterwards.  I was always grateful for the opportunity.  I never even thought I had a real shot at being picked and was very hesitant to apply.  But at the encouragement of dear friends, I put myself out there.  Prayed and allowed God to take me down a path that if I were in control, would have passed right by. 

The thing about reality shows are the possibilities and opportunities it affords you afterwards.  If you play your cards right, keep you head on straight, and trust in your gift…it will continue to make room for yourself.   Remember, you will forever be a member of pop culture.  Every time it’s played, viewed on YouTube, purchased on iTunes, you’re being promoted, advertised. 

At a cake competition with the NGB cast in Austin, TX

It looks easy, but believe me…it’s not!  You wait for hours….sometimes you never see the sun.  Cell phones confiscated.  Escorted to the bathroom, yes…that’s right, with your mic turned down of course! Put under extreme situations that no person could function under on a daily basis.   I have nothing but respect for any person that agrees to be on any reality television show. 

Today, I’m still baking, creating and loving.  There is still a blessing out of any situation, even if it looks dim.  Winning ain’t always worth the win..and sometimes when you lose, you’ll become a winner in the long run.  Our lives unfold as they should and once I realized that, it made my life a little sweeter.

VISIT MY WEBSITE:  www.keshajobakes.com and see all of my sweet creations!

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