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My boyfriend loves my Red Velvet.  But when he eats it, he slides the icing off or requests the cupcakes that haven’t been iced yet.  Not because he hates the taste, but he’s got a sensitive tooth and the icing tends to slide in there to bother it.  Nevermind the waste of delicious cream-cheese icing…he actually made me think outside of the box.  I love the way cake taste by itself, regardless of the flavor.  I know I’m not alone when I vow for how delicious cake is straight out of the oven!

The other day I started thinking about cookies.   How I could turn my infamous Red Velvet cake into something like a cookie, but still soft like a cake?! I played around with my RVC recipe and after a few tweaks and a batch that didn’t turn out just right….WALLA!!! It was red velvet cake in a cookie…one that cookie monster would lose his marbles for.