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As I discovered after doing research for an upcoming Fresh Beat Band cupcake party, this television show has Preschoolers losing their hair bows and loosening their shoelaces!!  A customer requested cupcakes rendering a design around her daughter’s favorite show on NickJr., The Fresh Beat Band.

My daughter is ten years old.  NickJr was the favorite channel many years ago.  I haven’t seen a Dora the Explorer or Backyardigans episode since Shrek saved Fiona from the tower guarded by a fire-breathing dragon!

I watched one episode and I immediately wanted to snap my daughter back into a toddler suit!  The Fresh Beat Band is colorful. I absolutely love the pistachio, tangerine, purple, maroon, turquoise, yellow, and lime colors dancing around with this colorful cast!

The customer wanted vanilla and sweet potato cake as the two flavors for two dozen cupcakes.  While I feel like sweet potato is not a very kid-friendly cake flavor, I understand that customers want what they want…and sweet potato cake is one of my favorite flavors.  I made my own cupcake toppers of the Fresh Beat Band logo for the vanilla cupcakes.  Then decorated them with colorful pearl nonpareils.  The sweet potato cupcakes were adorned with fondant figures symbolizing the cast, the guitar=Kiki, the headphones=Twist, the drum & sticks=Marina, and the keyboard keys=Shout.