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Accidents are a baker’s best friend!

Sometimes the best treats started off as pure mishaps…insert expletive…and then walla, it’s not so bad!  It’s actually fantastic!

I made a smash cake for my little cousin’s birthday.  Typical 6″ round, buttercream, Elmo design.  And then in the 11th hour I had this marvelous idea to make cake pops for the kids in attendance.  Elmo cake pops…sans red candy melts, I decided to turn my white candy melts red with food coloring.  Well, let’s just say my inexperience with candy melts and cake pops, led me to renig on the idea!  The candy melts were anything but melted, more like a gunk of hot clay.  Tasted pretty good though.  I started rolling red balls and decided to make Elmo candies!