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Currently, embarking upon something new that has me scared out of my mind. I have to learn how to “let go and let God” a little better if I’m trying to become Abraham-rich!  Or the New-Rich that Timothy Ferriss advocates for in his awesome book, “Four Hour Work Week”.

I’ve been reading everything.

True to my nerd beginnings, I’ve read every biography from Tony Dungy to Kelly Cutrone to Steve Jobs to Paula Deen!  Subscribed to magazines like Entrepreneur, INC, Success, I’m covering all arenas and now I’m studying the business mantras of mega-companies like Google, Nike, Apple, Starbucks, and Target….<—all brands I absolutely LOVE!

But like most leaps of faith…a soldier never really knows he’s a great one, until times of war.  A basketball player never knows he/she is great until he’s played against the greatest.  And a cupcake designer never truly knows if she’s good until she puts the cupcakes out on a table and turns the “OPEN” sign on!