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I thought about the mornings….most of the time, we traditionally grab a doughnut or muffin in lieu of the sit down breakfast we sometimes can’t sacrifice the time for.  Normally, these doughnuts/muffins are sweet confections that aren’t associated with the staple menu for breakfast…pancakes, eggs, bacon.  I got to thinking, as I think every Capricorn does too much of, what about the cupcake?  The break-fast for muffins or doughnuts, somehow always leaves the cupcakes as a dessert item and never as a contender for the morning show.

Well….I decided that enough was enough and here we have it…

Maple syrup (pancakes), bacon bits, and of course eggs make every cake batter complete for the perfect breakfast cupcake!  The egg yolk is actually made of fondant.

And did I fail to mention, it is absolutely delicious?!!!!!!