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I was commissioned to design the CIAA’s 100th Anniversary cake for the infamous annual basketball tournament in the beautiful Queen-City of Charlotte, North Carolina.  Even though I’ve already checked off my bucket list task of making a television appearance in my lifetime (insert Cake Boss: Next Great Baker here), I am still filled with butterflies whenever I make an appearance.  This event is unlike any other, because it’s all about the kid…me, only me.  *knee-tremble*  No other contestants from Season One on the sidelines waiting their turn…it’s me… *stomach-flips~”I want my mommy!”

But anyway, I decided to blog about how I get ready to prepare a cake.  Well, not the actual “step-by-step” but moreso about how I plan to decorate a cake. 


The CIAA…acronym for Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association, is well-known throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States.  Founded in 1912 on the campus of my alma mater, Hampton University, it was created to bring order and presence amongst athletics of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges & Universities). Since then, the CIAA has become a mecca for those who attend and graduated from colleges who are still or were apart of the conference.  

So, do I incorporate all of the colleges & universities that were and/or are members of the CIAA?  Hmm… 

I’ve been attending the CIAA since I was a young teenager.  I started attending the conference when it was being hosted in Winston-Salem, and I continued to migrate to its presence in Raleigh for a few years and now, in the Queen City of Charlotte.  Even though I’m a Hampton grad, like many CIAA regulars, you can’t help but enjoy the festivities that the CIAA brings. 

So…should I just focus on the Queen City or, all the places that have hosted the CIAA?

Should I make cupcakes representing each college/university…should I make only one flavor or three flavors?

Should I, should I…should I

So…today, I’m sketching…or rather, researching…3 tiers…cupcakes, of course.  CIAA logo, Queen City represent!, 12 colleges & universities, basketball….

Stay tuned