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Yesterday is gone and I don’t think I would ever feel so happy to see Valentine’s Day become my past.  In true cupcake fashion, I was baking away all day (whew!)…but honestly, I’m so glad so many people allowed me to be more creative in their gift-giving.  When I look at the boring assortment of choices super-franchises offer, the boxed chocolates, that were a major hit in the 80s are now, in my opinion, equivalent to an obscene gesture.  No real thought goes into it.  And let us not forget the cellophane-wrapped semi-dead roses that have since blossomed and died past the typical florist shelf-life.  And don’t get me started on greeting cards.  But at KBs…I for one, was overjoyed with the declaration of love that was shown through cupcakes in such a unique way.  Yesterday, I was bombarded with bras and butts…and so many red velvet cupcakes, I thought I was going color blind.  Sexy cupcakes, shotgun shells, tarheels, and Call of Duty….kinda dope and an awesome way to say, I love you for being you.

He loves hunting. Shotgun shells.

He loves Call of Duty. Call of Duty for Xbox toppers.

He loves UNC Tarheels.

The infamous sexy cupcake collection, with 9 Red Velvet cupcakes.