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Whitney Houston Cupcake

Realizing it wasn’t another Twitter death…and that CNN was even reporting the sad news, I found a way to pay my condolences and experience joy in the midst of a wave of sorrow, as people learned of the untimely death of legendary singer, Whitney Houston.  I immediately began creating a cupcake to commemorate her life.  A memorial cupcake I guess you could say.  I printed an edible image and created a black antique-inspired frame out of fondant/gumpaste to capture the smile that made us all love her once she won us over with her song! 

I didn’t just get on the Whitney hype post-death…I was always a fan of hers.  Even as transparent as she sometimes came off as she struggled with drug addiciton and self-worth, I was rooting for her.  When she made her comeback a few years ago and posed for InStyle magazine, I was in awe  at how a woman that was once so low, was beginning her ascension.  She looked stunning, and her smile was captivating, filled with promise.  I was so inspired by her revival that I made her apart of my vision board of people and things which inspire me. 

I was rooting for her…always a fan of the Comeback Kid, the return of the prodigal “daughter”…I just knew that with a rehabilitative program and her innate love for God, she would have a future.  I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t think she was headed for the recent events that have taken her too soon.  She has been added to my cupcake hall of fame and there she will sit as I continue to turn tragedy into triumph.  Whitney Houston will now always experience the greatest love of all!