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I realize now, more than ever before, that I simply love what I do.  I went from cupcake Natzi to cupcake Queen in the matter of just trying out what everyone else seemed to be crazy about!  Today, I’m absolutely in love with a cupcake…it warms my heart to see how something so small, packs enough flavor & appeal to make you smile!

Decoratively, I’m still playing around with different ways to dress up a cupcake.  I have discovered that I have an intriguing eye for small details.  While I do like building custom cakes, I am more in my element with all-things-small.  The fine detailing coaxes my meticulous eye.  I think the details make every cake, cupcake, space, piece of art, even the design of cars that much more refined and appealing to a customer’s eye, when the smallest feature makes a center stage affect.  I’m big on the little things, that provide that necessary “wow” factor to styling.

So this Valentine’s Day, I’m in love…loving the design and inspiration from a little thing we call a cupcake.  Which I spell: kupkake… because my name starts with a “K” of course!