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As stated in a previous post, I am convinced that the lovey-dovey holidays should be about the sexes, equally.  Tired of seeing men peruse the aisles in a frenzy the days before declaring their love, I created a special cupcake designed for them.  While the female persuasion sits at home on their derrieres waiting for a gift in typical fashion, men adorn them with ordinary gifts (insert YAWN here).  Well this holiday, we’re gonna put as much effort, if not more, into really showing how thoughtful WE can be, when we put our hearts, minds, booties, and bras to it!   To my pleasant surprise, Celebrations.com picked up my sexy cupcakes collection and featured them in a blog!

Leopard bra and Bootylicious cupcakes

Celebrations.com, familiar to those who watch the hit WeTV show “I Do Over” with Diane Valentine, is filled with party ideas, online invitations, and all the party essentials you would need to make a celebration, legendary.  I came across a brilliant post…“Eight Valentine’s Day Drinks to Booze Up Your Boo”! I immediately thought of how my cupcakes could be paired with one of these drinks.  Talk about a Valentine’s day evening to remember…mmmph! 

Drink after drink…I’m in awe…amazement…reading recipes…intrigued…inspired….confused, because I love them all!  The beauty of the drink and the taste that it conjures up in my mouth….Arabian Nights or Love Potion Number 5?  After reviewing them all and thinking about the “boo” in my life, this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember for a lifetime!   Below is a picture of my favorite pairing with my infamous Red Velvet Lips… Arabian Nights.