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Is it just me or does it seem like the “mushy” celebrations are dominated by the ladies?  As a girl who was raised amongst several cousins of the male persuasion, I am the voice for the group of human beings who are a little ‘lax when it comes to communicating their true feelings.  Men may not verbalize it often, or dare I even say it, to their significant other, but enough is enough…where’s the love for the men?  They want the lovely gesture, the well-thought-out gift.  As I turn on the television, shows (other than sports) seemed to be driven towards the estrogen audience.  Wedding shows, Real or unreal housewives, are all geared towards women who can’t get enough of themselves.  Well, I’m on estrogen overload! 

I believe that I have found my purpose in life…to celebrate the MAN!!!!  Want me to be truthfully honest,  I think wedding cakes are sexist…only geared towards the woman’s desires.  And for that reason alone, I will not do a wedding cake…but I WILL do a groom’s cake!  These Valentine’s cupcakes, while they are appealing to women as well, were designed to make the man drool.  It’s a great way to offer him something that shows you love him with a sense of humor and sex appeal.  His favorite cupcake dressed up in the lingerie he loves to see you in.  My boyfriend couldn’t be more happier after I revealed these to him and he took a bite!  The perfect duo, a great way to show him you’re naughty AND  nice!!! 😉