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For anyone else, the headline may seem like another acronym for easy texting.  But for Redskins fans near and far…HTTR are the infamous four letters for Hail To The Redskins!!!!!!!! In this post I will provide a semi-tutorial on how to shape a cake into a football.

This is my first time disclosing the methods to my madness.  I’ve never thought of myself as being “the right” person to seek instruction on how to manufacturer anything.  But after ten years teaching, combined with my unorthodox style  I think I can help you make the grade!

The football cake starts off like this…fresh out of the oven.  I bake everything fresh!  No frozen cakes over here.  I know some bakers out there will think that’s crazy…but, I’m a Southern girl with an appetite for good-tasting food!  Why cheat my customers???????  No the cake doesn’t need to look beautiful (cue the missing nick of cake)…it’s gonna look like it was demolished momentarily!


Next, you can either trace a football or “guess”timate the dimensions of one.  I used the “guess”timate option.  It doesn’t have to be so exact and it’s okay if the cutout is marked in several places…this is just a pattern, similar to how a seamstress uses a pattern to trace out fabric, no one else will ever see it.

After that, cut out your cake and save those cutaway scraps to build your football into a 3-d one.  I also use the scraps to fill in the gaps…combine cake crumbs with your icing and it makes a great glue! 

After you’ve iced the heaping mound of cake and filled in the gaps with your crumb patching, I like to use hot water and an icing spatula to smooth out the icing, this seals the crumbs.  Place in the fridge for about an hour.  Knead fondant.   Use a spray bottle (filled with water) to spray your football cake before you apply the fondant.  Not a whole lot….but enough to bring moisture to it so the fondant adheres well.  And then that up there becomes this….

This was a Redskins’ collection football.  Of course I added the cupcakes unbeknowst to the customer.  She was super-excited when she saw the cupcake topper….she said, “My husband will have the best birthday ever because of this.” And true to myself, I cried.  Yeah, I know, I’m a punk! LOL!