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Sorry.  It’s been a week since my last post.  Shame on me!  I promised myself and my marketing director, I’d make more of an effort to blog…at least daily.  The truth of the matter is….before there was a cupcake, or anything sweet…I loved writing.  And like most, I have to be moved to write and make the time it takes to put words to paper.   Last week, I was filling orders left and right: baby shower, birthdays, and I just want some cupcakes were on my order sheet.  But these are not excuses…I can do better!  And I will!

Last week, I decided to take my goal to becoming a Creative Urbanista into action and start working on my next venture…and this one is something that is near and dear to everyone who’s ever celebrated a birthday.  WAIT FOR IT……WAIT FOR IT……BIRTHDAY CANDLES!!!!!  I love making mini-sculptures.  I’ve made an array of birthday candles custom to birthday themes.  Cue the camera shot below…  The Michael Jackson toe touch candles were fun to make!  The infamous patent leather shoes and the signature toe touch stance that they symbolize makes a great accessory to any cake belonging to an avid MJ fan!

So…the Super Bowl is just around the corner.  Trying to think of something different, clever and of course tasty to celebrate my favorite pasttime!  I’m a Redskins fan…yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear the gasps…but I absolutely love the game of football.  It’s so tough, exciting, emotional…and who doesn’t love to see a man with a muscular physique wearing tight garb to accentuate the positives!!! LOL!  So this cupcake has to exemplify Super Bowl XLVI…and of course, the Giants…nay, Patriots (not a fan of the Brady show).  But this is going to be fun!  Can’t wait to post! Until tomorrow… 😉