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The Twelve Days of Christmas are off to a sweet start!!! I can’t believe the number of taste buds out there enjoying the savory and comforting flavors of Gabby Cakes!

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… 3 Chocolate Nut Sundaes!  You’ll only pay $7 for 3 treats that will surely make you think of a chocolate sundae.  I transformed my mother’s favorite ice cream dessert into a tiny cake!  Moist chocolate cake, topped with vanilla cream icing, chocolate drizzle, and wet walnuts! Yummy!

3 Chocolate Nut Sundaes for $7.00! Order at http://www.keshajobakes.com

Ordering is simple, visit www.keshajobakes.com.  Select the Gabby Cakes section.  Click on Gabby Holidays item, select, “Add to Cart”.  Click on the shopping cart icon in the left hand corner.  On the next page, select the drop down menu and choose the holiday special you’d like to order.   If you experience any issues with ordering via www.keshajobakes.com … please feel free me to email  info@keshajobakes.com and include which special you would like to order.  You will receive an invoice by email and proceed with payment through PayPal. 

Thank you all for your support and for spreading the word.  GABBY (Gifted And Blessed BeYond) is my baby and it feels like I’m sending her off to her first day of kindergarten each time I send out one!  It’s made with LOVE, an ingredient that you can’t buy anywhere!

Merry Christmas!!!