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I thought it was fashion styling a few years ago…now, I feel like food styling is where it’s at!  I could sit at a table with beautifully prepared food, my Nikon, and the right lighting (natural light, preferably) and have a photo shoot out of this world!   Unlike models, you position the food, dress it up exactly the way you think makes it appealing to the eye. 

People, eat with their eyes first! I don’t how many times I can stress to make your work look great!  When you’re at the checkout line and peruse the magazines of holiday desserts flashing from glossy covers, immediately you’re triggered to desire it.  Great food photography and styling of course go hand-in-hand.  As a photographer of human subjects back in the day, I must say shooting food was a little tricky in the beginning.  Some lights cast yellow, some angles cast shadows, and finding the right focal point are just a few mishaps you may endure.  But as time progresses…I must say, I’m getting a little better!