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Before the event started, I captured a quick pic of the display. Once the event started, I was swamped and couldn’t take anymore pictures!

I was so nervous.  My first event where I sold and promoted KeShaJo Bakes and the Gabby Cakes line, I didn’t know what to expect.  I knew the food was good, but you know…you never can be too high on your horse.  Not everyone has that Southern palette for heavy ingredients.  I thought I might run into a vegan crowd, or gluten free folks…they would’ve burned me at the stake like Joan of Arc for violating every healthy eating ammendment.  But thanks be to God, these folks loved good food…PERIOD!  Nothing wrong with vegans or gluten-free folks…I get it and I totally respect it.  But I was raised country…where it’s offensive not to eat anyone’s cooking, regardless of your lifestyle choices. 

The event was held at Planet Zero Artspace Gallery in Richmond, VA.  I love the industrial look of the Manchester Arts district in RVA.  I mean the entire art scene in RVA is absolutely the dopest!  There’s so much talent in the RVA area.  Please come out for the First Fridays Art Walk every first Friday in downtown Richmond and see for yourself!  But anyway…back to me!
Sweet Potato Gabby cakes sold out!!!! My favorite cake is sweet potato….and it is DAMN good!  I’m sorry for inserting that level-one swear word, but I needed a good expletive to explain just how much it makes your taste buds say, WOOHOO!  Think about a sweet potato pie, now turn that into a cake form, laced with walnuts throughout…DIVINE!!! People also loved the Red Velvet and the Chocolate Nut Sundae Gabby Cakes. 
All in all…it was awesome to fellowship with so many beautiful souls.  I love people and I love running my mouth!  The atmosphere was so art gallery meets a great grown up lounge crowd.  My Golden Girl Mama even raved about it and my daughter with her 10 year old eyes wasn’t in need of my Parental Guidance.
Can’t wait for the next event…you just wait and see, or shall I say…wait and taste! (wink)