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My first Gabby cake represents the gift of mothers…so why not start with my own.  My mother has been at the cornerstone of all things Kendra.  From my first love for reading, to ballet, to piano, to softball, to college, to beauty school, and all things other family members would vow is a crazy sacrifice to make for a child, but my mother wouldn’t have it any other way.  She’s been my cheerleader, the captain of the squad of folks who continue to cheer me on.

My mother has always been a  fan of walnuts and chocolate.  She absolutely marvels a chocolate sundae with wet walnuts.  So, with that in mind….drumroll please….you have…. “Chocolate-Nut”.  A divine chocolate cake, topped with vanilla cream icing, chocolate drizzle and wet walnuts!  You may need to eat this with a spoon! YUM! 

Gabby Chocolat~Nut