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I think I’ve become borderline obsessed with product design and packaging lately.  Blame the Gabby Cakes! I decided to order boxes with a lid and top.  I felt like, it should feel like a gift since GABBY is an acronym for Gifted And Blessed BeYond.  The stickers are die-cut from www.diecutstickers.com .  Those guys are the best! Keep in mind they’re out of Seattle so you may have to wait a little for your stickers to arrive.  I decided to make a black GABBY logo for the white lid and a white GABBY logo for the black lid.  I think that it breaks up the monotony of the design.  Creates a great display when you stack them…looks like black and white checkerboard.

PACKAGING is super-duper important.  Many people rarely think about it and put more energy into whatever it is they’re selling.  Many times I have been turned-on to a company/brand because of how great the packaging looked.  It’s the potential customer’s first impression.  It automatically sends the first message…”oooooh, this is nice!”  That’s what separates Designer from generic! My mom and I used to butt-heads on this concept, until she heard people rave over my packaging and then she said, “okay, I get it!”  The way you present your product should be just as important and carefully done as the same TLC you put into the product!  And if you’re looking for investments, this is a great way for investors to see how serious you are about what you’re doing.  It’s one less hurdle you’ll have to overcome once you hit the bigtime!  Remember your visit to your favorite hotel.  The entryway and lobby makes the first impression, it’s a statement.  You can almost figure out how many stars a hotel has based on how ethereal the entrance is.  Your product is just like your experience at the Bellagio…it should make the customer smile.  And then of course, the product better keep that smile on their face!

Next up, I’ll post the infamous Gabby Cake…see what’s cracking under that box!! *nefarious laughter*